Østerå is located approximately 2 kilometers east of Tvedestrand. The name Østerå was first seen in written documents dated 1593, but is assumed to be much older. The name originates from the stream – the east stream, unlike the west stream in Tvedestrand.

Both Østerå and Tvedestrand would most likely have been founded at the same time. In 1660 there were 15 small houses in Tvedestrand and probably the same in Østerå. Østerå would have been an attractive place to live for its early settlers. Down by the sea, the valley widens and contains good, fertile soil, while the surrounding hills are covered in dense and rich forests.
The location by the sea was also important for the settlers.

Source: Holt – en bygdebok by Sv. Svensen

Østerå sett fra syd
Østerå seen from south
Østerå sett fra nord - fra Fløyheia
Østerå seen from north – from Fløyheia
Tøgershei sett fra Valbergheia 2020
Tøgershei seen from Valbergheia 2020
Hesteberget sett fra Valbergheia 2020
Hesteberget seen from Valbergheia 2020