Svein Erik Bjartheim
Svein Erik Bjartheim born 28.04.1951

I was born and raised in Østerå. I lived there until I got married, then I moved to Dypvåg. After a divorce, I moved to Søgne where I now live with my partner. When I was a boy in Østerå, we played in and around the sawmill located where the marina is today. We also played on Lauvodden where we saw traces of the old industry, and we crawled through the old turbine in Sagkleiva, down to the old sawmill. Of course we also visited the remains of the mill above Anne Lindland’s house. As I grew older, I wanted to find out more about the industry in Østerå, for example, the steam sawmill on Lauvodden. I learned that in December 1900, there were 12 men working there. With the other sawmills, the feldspar mill, and the other mills, the level of activity in Østerå must have been very high.

In the middle of the 1980s I became interested in genealogy and have studied my own family since then, though a lot of work remains. Later, I wanted to do research on families from Østerå. I assume that there are many who are related without knowing it, and now the project has started. 

My address: Giskedalen 18 N-4640 Søgne, Norway. Mobile phone +47 90 99 24 85 

Marianne Tønnesen
Marianne Tønnessen
born: 13.03.1954

Even though I was not born in Østerå and never lived there, many of my ancestors, both on my mother’s and my father’s sides have lived in Østerå. I have spent almost every summer in Østerå, and since 1979 I have been staying in the old general store, which was closed down in 1977.

I am a pensioner since April 2016, I have been living in Kristiansand. I have been working on genealogy for some years, first and foremost on the genealogy of my own family.
I am very much looking forward to seeing what will become of this project!

My address: Briggveien 67E N-4624 Kristiansand Mobile phone +47 91 71 78 26